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Assimotechniki, in two ultramodern workshops, with the absolute respect, knowledge, love,
responsibility and 30 years experience, makes the silver art and tradition in the Byzantine icons.
Assimotechniki is the biggest unit of production of silver icons in Greece and in the whole Europe.

The creator and establisher of Assimotechniki is Mr. Avraam Nikolaidis. The artist, the carving
hagiographer, worthy follower of his teachers himself, continues the traditional steps that lead
in completion of one silver icon. With perfect quality, magnificent appearance and classic
perfection of his work, he conquered the world market by exporting the icons
in the whole world.

When you take in your hand one icon from Assimotechniki workshop, you are looking at one
unique work that has precious and personal touch. One icon of Assimotechniki is the best gift
and souvenir to each person. When you give it to the people you love, you will make sure
that they will never forget you.

Assimotechniki has the potential, the knowledge and the experience to offer the best quality
products and the best price on the Greek and foreign market. Our icons are the result of the
deep knowledge of the ecclesiastical tradition and of the Byzantium art. They have original
themes and any copying or reproduction is forbidden.

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